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11/17/2017 FORBES The Forgotten Pillar Of Marketing


09/28/2017 FORBES Influencer Marketing Is Broken: Here's How To Fix It

Marketing Tech

08/04/2017 Marketing Tech ‘Insta pods’ and the soul of influencer marketing

Branding Strategy Insider

08/04/2017 Branding Strategy Insider Brian Speaking on Brand Strategy And Influencer Marketing


07/21/2017 Mediapost MediaPost Interview with Brian


07/07/2017 CMO.com CMO Interview with Brian


03/14/2017 ADWEEK RQ on Adweek's first-ever Agencies 3.0 List


03/14/2017 NYTIMES Excited to share that our airstream from last year made The New York Times today!


01/16/2017 AW360 Why Brands Should Own Their Influencer Relationships


12/07/2016 Digiday Culture editors and chief people officers: 5 agency positions that didn't exist until recently

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